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10 причин выбрать Чешскую Республику

The heart and the picturesque center of the whole Europe, for holding a conference, business meetings, the motivating trip or teambuilding for your collective:

  • in the Czech Republic, first of all, in Prague, there is a huge number of the
    hotels and even hotel-castles of worthy level intended for holding of conferences, business meetings and other various actions;

  • to fall in love with Prague – the city of medieval castles, palaces and towers,
    fantastic red tile roofs, narrow paved streets, sacraments and magic;

  • to see castles of the Czech Republic which in this small country more than 2.5 thousand.In many of them it is possible to organize your business meeting,
    conference, command competitions of various subject, gala dinners and even accommodation;

  • to visit spa-resorts of the Czech Republic.Are your employees tired?
    Do you want that them to work more effectively?The program of a relax and anti-stress in the spa-resort - the best idea for the motivating trips;

  • Czech beer is one of the best in the world, thanks to the purest water,
    which is used in its preparation. Lots of breweries - big and small giving a
    possibility to offer various ideas for mice-tourism: training in beer preparation
    with the confirmed certificate, command competitions: from amount of the drunk
    beer, to its preparation, blind tasting and even rolling of barrels with beer!
  • to enjoy the national cuisine.The pork knee, ribs, dumplings, sausages, marinated cheese-germelin, pancakes, goulash soup in bread … it is incomplete list of what we recommend to try!Cooking master classes and gala dinners can be organized in a huge number of the restaurants only in Prague there are located almost continually;

  • natural wealth of the Czech Republic is rich – nature reserves, gardens, skiing slopes and mountain rivers, spa-resorts giving a rise to many ideas for the motivating trips and teambuilding;

  • to combine visiting of the Czech Republic with visiting neighbor countries, such as Austria and Germany.It is as a puzzle - collect the route and keep in memory the brightest impressions about it;

  • The Czech Republic is a country of products from glass, crystal and garnet.To observe process of making products of these materials and not only … It will be possible to make something and keep for kind memory;

  • to be surprised … in the most pleasant sense of this word, by the prices, with help of which it is possible to organize any action, in comparison with other European countries.