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Hradcany and Prague Castle

Prague Castle is the historical heart of Prague and the "cradle of power" of the Czech state. For many centuries, Prague Castle has served as the residence of Czech princes, kings and emperors.today, it is home to the Administration of the President of the Czech Republic. Prague Castle is listed in the Guinness book of records as the largest castle complex in the world. During the tour, you will walk through the three courtyards of Prague castle, visit the Cathedral of St. Vitus – the main Catholic Church in the country, and see the oldest building of Prague Castle – the Basilica of St. Vitus. George, you will learn the secrets of the Golden lane and, of course, enjoy the magnificent panorama of Prague, opening from the Prague hill.

"Evening Prague"

When evening comes and the lights are lit, Prague is filled with a special mood. An exciting 2-hour boat ride along the Vltava river will give you a magical impression and a romantic mood. You will have a great opportunity to admire the architectural sights of the city , emerging from the darkness in the light of lanterns. On the cozy lower deck of the ship, you will find a dinner in the form of a buffet with a rich selection of dishes and one (included in the price) drink.

Charles bridge and Old Town

Multi-faceted Prague consists of several historical districts, each of which has its own unique charm. Prague's Old Town district is one of the most mysterious and beautiful. It is in the Old City that the residences of the most famous aristocratic families were built, and today many architectural and cultural attractions are located. During the tour, you will discover the secret of the construction of the Charles bridge – the oldest and most beautiful bridge in Prague, where You can make your heart's desire. You will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the Clementinum complex, which once belonged to the most influential Jesuit monastic order in Europe. You will see the first building of Charles University-Karolinum and the building of the State Theater – the first public theater in the city. And, of course, you will find the Old Town Square – the most beautiful and main square in Prague with the famous Astronomical clock-chimes. On the streets of the Old City, you will find a lot of unexpected and intriguing discoveries.

"Dungeons and towers of old Prague"

Prague is not called "with 100 towers" for nothing, but in fact there are about 500 of them, and each has its own history, riddles and discoveries, famous names. You will visit the whole complex of the old town hall, where you will not only visit the presentation halls of the Prague city hall, the medieval offices of the mayor, but also see the famous astronomical clock inside. Few people know that the city hall hides a real underground world consisting of streets, houses, a Bank and a prison with a torture chamber of the 16th century. During the tour, you will discover the history of pneumatic mail, admire the Powder tower, visit the "Coal market", see the narrowest hotel. The route passes through old streets and crosswalks. Many secrets and secrets of churches, squares and towers (from the middle ages to the present) will be revealed during the excursion.

" Magic and mysticism of Prague"

Do you know that Prague has a different, "dark" side? After sunset, the city changes, becomes extremely mysterious and magical. Prague is fraught with many mystical stories and secret signs. At nightfall, the shadows of ghosts that are hundreds of years old glide along the narrow quiet streets, and wizards and witches lurk around the corner. If you are brave, then during our costume tour Prague will reveal its secrets to you, and You will be able to participate in a real mystical performance! Fans of thrills and unforgettable impressions this tour will help you to plunge into the times of alchemy and magic and believe that all this is not fiction! You will hear fascinating stories and legends about Czech ghosts and perhaps meet one of them on the streets of Prague shrouded in medieval antiquity.

Jewish Prague

Perhaps one of the most visited places by tourists in Prague is the Jewish quarter, located in the center of the city between the Old Town Square and the Vltava river. The first settlement on its territory dates back to the XII century. Very surprising, but it was not destroyed during World War II. It is currently the only Jewish city center quarter in Central Europe. We offer you to see the Old Jewish cemetery, four of the six preserved synagogues, Franz Kafka house (2.5 h)

Bus and walking tour to Terezin-the place where during the second World war WAS a concentration camp for Jews. 

The fortress of Terezin was built by the monarch Joseph II and was intended exclusively for Defensive structures.. During World War II, the fascists organized here Jewish ghetto and The Concentration camp. During will visit the memorial dedicated to the victims of the Holocaust ( 5 hours) .

Сeský Krumlov and Orlik chateau 

The picturesque region of southern Bohemia is famous all over the world for its romantic castles and medieval towns. You will visit Orlik chateau, built on a steep rocky cliff surrounded by the water of The reservoir, and inspect the collection of weapons and medals, ancient utensils, hunting trophies and unique set of silver chess, donated by Karl Schwarzenberg by Napoleon, and of the order of St. George – awards of the Russian Tsar Alexander I. Then You will walk around the city Czech Krumlov (UNESCO), surprisingly have maintained medieval appearance. A city lost in time, keeping secrets and riddles of the past, will share with You the secrets of its magical energy, tell its legends and reveal the meaning of secret signs found in castle courtyards, narrow streets and old houses. It is also possible to combine with a visit to the Hluboka nad Vltava chateau. 

Zbiroh chateau of the brewery "Plzen"

This excursion can be combined (year-round): with lunch in a tavern located on the territory of the chateau. with a Gala dinner at the castle in one of the salons or in the hall of "Alphonse Mucha" with a capacity of up to 300 people. with a visit to the glass manufactory "Rucl Krystal" in Nižbor. You will see the entire production cycle of a glass product – glass melting, glass blowing, which is made only by hand, and, finally, the most difficult moment of cutting a glass product, which results in the world-famous and famous Czech crystal. For an additional fee, you can participate in the production, getting practical experience in blowing glass, and take the resulting product with you as a souvenir. with a tour of the brewery "Plzen holiday", where the world-famous Pilsner Urquell beer is brewed. 

Kutna Hora and Czech Sternberk chateau

Kutna Hora-one of the once wealthiest cities in the medieval Czech Republic, rivaling Prague itself (protected by UNESCO). During the tour, you can get acquainted with the sights of the city and its ancient history: the temple of St. Barbara-the patron Saint of miners, the Mint, where the Royal court minted the first "tolars". It was here that the Treasury of silver – the basis of the political power of the Czech kings-was located. You will also see the famous Kostnitsa, whose interiors, including the altar and chandeliers, are made of human skulls and bones. You must pay for entrance tickets to the Cathedral of St. Barbara, the Mint and the bonfire. It is possible to combine with a visit to Zleby chteau (season: Apr-Oct), as well as with f Savoia chateau (all year round) with a wine tasting. 

Powerful city of the XVIII century. Czech Sternberk, built on a hill with a beautiful view of the valley of the Sazava river, is a unique example of medieval architecture. From the moment of its Foundation to the present day, this fortress belongs to the Sternberg family. The rich history of the castle, beautiful interiors decorated with valuable items and ancestral collections and picturesque surroundings will not leave anyone indifferent. You must pay for entrance tickets to the Czech Stenberk chateau. 

Karlovy Vary and visit to Krušovice brewery

Одним из прекрасных уголков в сердце Европы, является лечебный курорт Карловы Вары. Каждый год его посещают несколько сотен тысяч гостей для оздоровления, отдыха и релакса . Не менее полезным и интересным будет и посещения местных достопримечательностей. А также можно провести отпуск в романтичной обстановке. Как и сама Прага, курорт и город привлекает много туристов. Секрет, чем же притягивают Карловы Вары является разнообразная история курорта и многогранность местной природы.

"Saxon Switzerland"

The bus tour includes a visit to Königstein fortress and the Bastei nature complex, located in the heart of the Saxon Switzerland nature reserve. Saxon Switzerland-a stunningly picturesque area among the Elbe Sandstone mountains, which arose as a result of the subsidence of sand to the bottom of the prehistoric sea. The national Park is famous all over the world for its natural landscape, which is created by huge stone massifs, table mountains, narrow valleys and gorges. The most beautiful part of the Elbe Sandstone mountains is considered to be the Bastei, famous for the unique Basteibrucke bridge, built in 1824. Königstein fortress is located near the German city of Dresden, on the banks of the Elbe. Considered impregnable, in different ages, it kept the treasures of kings and Dukes. The fortress walls offer picturesque views of the Elbe and the Taunus mountains. 

Sychrov chateau and brewer "Svijany"

Visit one of the most beautiful romantic chateaus in the Czech Republic, the "carved miracle", famous for the unique beauty of its interiors, including not only personal and state rooms, but also the famous Royal apartments and a large dining room, the residence of the great Rogan family, princes of the blood and cousins of the French kings-Sychrov chateau. The legend of the black lady is Bertha Rogan, the daughter of its first owner. It is said that she is a Ghost and the Keeper of the chateau. Cozy interiors and a beautiful castle garden attract filmmakers who have shot about 20 films of various genres here.. In the brewery "Svijany" beer is brewed according to the technology, which was a few hundred years. The brewery was founded in 1564 by Yaroslav of Wartemberk. Beer is brewed here from the same components and using the same technology as hundreds of years ago. 

Lednice chateau (UNESCO) and Mikulov

"Lednice" is translated from Czech as "Ice river". This is the name of a beautiful castle in the South of Moravia, located 50 km from the city of Brno. From the 13th century until 1945, the castle was the property of the Liechtenstein family, they turned it into a Palace and Park ensemble with interesting buildings, rare trees, and reservoirs. In our time, the castle is part of the reserve, which is home to rare species of birds. The long glass Conservatory of the castle with subtropical unusual plants is a whole piece of South America. After visiting the castle and walking through the English Park, you will visit the town of Mikulov, founded in the XI century and located in South Moravia - a region of the Czech Republic famous for its excellent white and pink wines. Touch the magic of the fairy-tale Mikulov, succumb to the charm of the Renaissance houses of its historical center! After the tour, you will visit a wine tasting of local Moravian wines. 

Melnik chateau with wine tasting

Melnik chateau is located 30 km from Prague at the confluence of two rivers – the Vltava and Labe. According to legend, the first grape vine brought here from Burgundy was planted in Melnik by Prince Wenceslaus, the king's brother. He also, under the supervision of French winemakers, taught the Czech masters of the vine to produce this noble drink. For the last two hundred years, Melnik chateau belongs to the princely aristocratic family of Lobkowice, whose ancestors live on the territory of the chateau now day. During the excursion, you will get acquainted with the interiors of the chateau, with collections of Baroque paintings, Czech glass, furniture, and hunting trophies. The great hall contains a unique collection of maps of all European countries of the XVII century. After visiting the chateau, you will enjoy a tasting of ancestral wines with light snacks in the chateau cellar (5 hours).


Vienna is rightly called the heart of Europe. In this beautiful city, you can not leave the feeling of celebration. Dressed in Baroque decoration, the former capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire-good old Vienna-is known to many travelers for Opera, balls, famous musicians and amazing coffee with delicious Apple strudel. Walking through the ornate streets of the Old city, you will plunge into an amazing atmosphere: pompous palaces and soaring Cathedral spires that have preserved the original interior, luxury restaurants, old museums, fiacres, cozy taverns and coffee shops. Perhaps this is why you should come to Vienna.

Munich and the castles of Bavaria

2- day bus excursion to Munich and the chateaus of Bavaria We offer you the opportunity to combine two exciting trips in one trip: through the majestic castles of Bavaria with a visit to its capital – Munich. You will see buildings of different eras and styles - the New town hall, Frauenkirche, Theatinerkirche, the Royal Residence. And a visit to the Neuschwanstein and Linderhof chateau complex. In the middle of the mountain landscape, in the valley was built on the instructions of King Ludwig II, a small but very beautiful castle-residence with a magnificent Park - Linderhof. Then you move to the village of Schwangau, next to which the magnificent Neunschwastein Chateau rises to the sky at a kilometer height, built on the orders of the Bavarian king Ludwig II, and embodies his dreams of a time long gone – when monarchs sat on the throne with nothing and no one limited power, and the knights followed the code of honor and sought exploits in everything. Especially effective is the castle with the bridge of Mary, spanning the chasm.  


For centuries, Nuremberg was considered the unofficial capital of the Holy Roman Empire and the seat of German kings. Today, Nuremberg is the second largest city in Bavaria, one of the modern, vibrant cultural and technological centers of Germany. This is a city full of special atmosphere and comfort, inviting to walks, sightseeing and discoveries. There are many surprises waiting for you in Nuremberg. A special spirit is well felt in the old city with its beautiful architecture, street musicians from all over the world, with live characters from the paintings of Albrecht dürer. It was Nuremberg that became the all-European" capital " of toy production. This is the birthplace of the Nutcracker and the tin soldier. After World war II, Nuremberg was chosen as the site of the war crimes Tribunal, known as the Nuremberg trials.


Salzburg is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Europe. Located deep in the Alpine mountains, it has served for centuries as the residence of the archbishops of Salzburg, the wealthiest and most powerful priests in Central Europe. In this beautiful city you will see: the Mirabel Palace with its amazing story of love and passion of one of the archbishops of Salzburg; the house where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born; the Cathedral of saints Rupert and Virgil of Salzburg with seven organs, where the great composer was baptized; the old fortress founded in the XI century and its modern funicular with stunning panoramic views; the oldest Christian monasteries that were literally carved into the rocks, etc. Salzburg is a great place to shopping, but even the most modern stores have preserved the aesthetics of medieval signage, and the joy of shopping will only add to the sense of delight from the wonderfully fabulous city (15 hours). 


Berlin-the capital of Germany, the second most populous city in Europe and the fifth largest city in the European Union, which has passed a difficult path from a small Slavic settlement to the capital of the 4th economy of the world. In the middle ages, it will exchange the freedom of the commercial Hanseatic League for the right to be called the residence of the ruling dynasty and switch to creating and collecting luxury items and masterpieces of various arts. The Hohenzollern family will hold its residence from the capital of a small margraviate to the main city of the German Empire. The real dawn of Berlin will begin with the Emperor Friedrich Wilhelm in 1701, and by 1800 the city will be famous for the splendor of Imperial receptions and "a meeting place for smart people". This is where the proverbial Prussian precision, German thrift and order will come from. During the excursion you will study the sights of different historical periods: Prussian, Imperial, Nazi, cold war and modern, you will see the Reichstag, Brandenburg gate, part of the legendary Berlin wall, Museum island, Unter den Linden, Alexanderplatz and much more. 


Dresden, the ancient capital of Saxony, has long fascinated visitors with a combination of tradition and modernity, combining the expressive features of the German Baroque and the ebullient energy of a modern European metropolis. Walking through the historical part of Dresden, it is impossible not to fall under the charm of this city. Over the centuries, so many treasures have accumulated in Dresden that you can only admire the wealth and luxury of the capital of Saxony. Dresden is located in the picturesque Elbe valley, and admiration for the artistic richness of the city invariably turns into delight at the sight of magnificent landscapes. You will get acquainted with the history and sights of Dresden, and then free time.


Regensburg is a medieval city in Bavaria, located at the confluence of the Danube and Regens rivers. (UNESCO). In the city center you will see: the Gothic Cathedral of St. Peter, which was built more than 600 years; the Stone bridge-the oldest stone bridge in Germany, about the history of which there is a legend (the devil helped build it, and then, angry, tried to destroy it, so the bridge looks a little crooked); visit the oldest in Germany, the famous sausage Wurstküche–the first German fast food from the XII century, located next to the bridge; wander around the Old town with its medieval streets and many antique shops. You can spend your free time for shopping. Many tourists are sure that it is successful here.