In the Czech Republic begin to reborn a very popular tradition in the Middle Ages and completely forgotten in our time - knight tournaments. The participants and organizers of the tournaments tried to fully recreate the atmosphere of the past years: everything from the costumes of the combatants to the rules of warfare was taken from historical sources. Once in the stands, every man can feel like a medieval lord, and every woman is a true lady, listening to the clang of swords and the sound of hooves, watching the duel, in which there will undoubtedly be ups and downs, injuries and happy deliverances, defeats and loud triumphs.

 Also, there may be personal participation in the fights of medieval heroes, their hot horses and, of course, beautiful ladies. 


You will learn how the masters were working on fixing pottery, as well as, shoe art, candle and spice industries. You can try some crafts with your own hands, hear medieval music. At historical festivities you will taste hop wines, delicious mead and enjoy the singing, dance and art of magicians. 


Falconry in Czech castles. Experience the romance of falconry in Czech fortresses! The Czech Republic can be proud of the national traditions included in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO. We are talking about the ancient art of hunting with the help of birds of prey. 

Try how it feels when this noble creature sits on your hand, and is it difficult to establish contact with him. While exploring the Czech Republic, you will have plenty of such opportunities, without exaggeration. 


Filming in castles of the Czech Republic. Who did not dream of becoming a movie star? Participants are divided into several teams, receive a script for the future film, distribute roles among themselves, and appoint a director and cameraman. 

We choose the costumes, get used to the role, go to the film set and on the road the operator and director get acquainted with the equipment. On the spot, the actors choose the scene, set the light, turn on the microphones. Attention! Camera 1! Take1! Motor! 


Blacksmithing is one of the oldest crafts. Work as a blacksmith was prestigious and honorable. Ordinary people often considered a coval to be a “man of things” or a sorcerer for turning a piece of brown stone into a valuable thing. In Prague, you can also visit a blacksmith and try to forge a rose or other product. 

The forges were small in size and had virtually no windows. In order to qualitatively forge the workpiece, the blacksmith needed to determine how hot it was. There were no pyrometers or special devices to determine the temperature, so the readiness was determined by the colors of the heat. Only twilight allowed to make out and understand the necessary shade of glow, in which the degree of glow casts yellow-red tints. 


For those who love golf, the Czech Republic is the promised land. Local golf courses are waiting for you! 

And these are not just top-class fields, but also golf resorts, training academies, indoor golf simulators and schools for both beginners and experienced players. 

Wonderful picturesque landscapes and most importantly, well-designed service with numerous packages of services for various categories of guests. 


Prague provides a wide selection of riding clubs, both in the city itself and in its environs. Professional instructors are prepared for conducting lessons for both children and adults. It offers comfortable conditions for both beginners taking their first steps in the world of equestrian sports, and for professionals preparing for competitions of various levels. 

We also invite you to an excursion to the National Stud. Here you can visit stables, a castle, horse carriages and workshops of harnesses, museums of the Cladrub horse breeding, forest rangers with a simulator ride in a wheelchair, and also - if you still have the strength and desire - you can climb to the observation tower. A white breed of Starokladrub horses is bred on this horse farm. 


Archery is the art, practice, or skill of throwing an arrow using a bow. It has historically been used for hunting, fighting, and war. However, in our time, its main purpose is to entertain people. Those who practice archery are usually called “arrows” or “archers”.

 Shooting from a regular or hunting bow can be a very fun and interesting hobby. Archery refers mainly to competitive disciplines in various tournaments, but archery involves hunting animals. Tournaments are held during historical, educational or other events in castles near hilltops of settlements or in other places. 


Bohemian Paradise, has a unique area full of rocky towers and narrow ravines, included in the list of UNESCO geoparks. Acquaintance with romantic rocky places will bring you new vivid impressions and, at the same time, will bewitch you with its beauty. You can make your way through rocky gorges, give freedom of imagination when you discover the similarity of rock figures with something familiar, or swim in a gondola at an unsafe distance from the rock walls. So, forward to the rocky ravines and towers several tens of meters high! 


Are you interested in feeling like a winemaker for a short time? If you are ready to work in winecellar, learn the secrets of caring for the vine, picking berries, making wine, bottling it and corking it, then you can definitely consider yourself one! It doesn't matter what time of year - spring, summer or autumn- You can take part in seasonal work together with the winemaker and taste the wine!



Buidings of the alchemists and place of the meetings of the Freemasons, history of the knights of Malta, knights Templar and other secret organizations of Prague, excursion to the mysterious chateau of the Czech Republic – Zbiroh (1 hour drive from Prague) guided in the way of "widow of the knight Templars". Today, as 700 years ago, it is the headquarters of the knights Templar.Interactive game in the halls of the chateau. Award of the best team; excursion to the Blatna chateau (1.5 hours drive from Prague).According to legend, the chateau was founded by knights Templar in the 12th century.When leaving the chateau, the Templars hid untold treasures in the walls of the chateau, and this place was marked with a special encrypted sign.One of the chateau's clerks deciphered the code and disappared with the treasure. According to another legend, the treasure remains in the castle. Adjacent to the chateau is a pond and a 42-g park where a herd of tame fallow deer and ROE deer graze(a kind of petting zoo);



Stay at spa resort Karlovy Vary (recommended minimum: 4... 8 days). Accommodation in 4* hotel with HB or FB. In one of the days visit: spa resort Marianske Lazne (35 min. driving from Karlovy Vary).Sightseeing tour of the city center. Hereinafter, the brewery "Chodovar" (in 10 min. drive from Marianske Lazne) and the restaurant "In the rock", a beer Wellness center at the brewery with a beer bath. Visit Soletherme&Sauna World Thermal Complex in Bad Elster (45 min. driving from Karlovy Vary, recommended on Sat. or Sun. when there are no procedures in the sanatorium). which includes the historical albert pools (with ordinary water), salt baths with brine water containing Glauber salt with a concentration of 6%, 10%, 15%, coming from a well depth of 1200 m. On the way back-stop at the Wildstein Chateau restaurant (from 12 century) . if desired, you can visit: Loket Chteau (near Karlovy Vary), and other chateaus, German cities- Regensburg or Nuremberg



A unique opportunity to see with your own eyes how real Czech beer is born, taste the malt, feel the bitter aroma of hops.Under the guidance of an experienced beer sommelier, you will learn how to properly taste beer, learn about the taste nuances of different varieties of this drink, learn the secrets of technology, and taste traditional Czech snacks.You will find a fascinating story about the Czech beer culture and the history of its production.Beer tour for everyone: men can enjoy several mugs of traditional and strong types of beer, for women we will offer elegant sweet Beers; beer quest through the best Prague Breweries and traditional beer restaurants.Exciting tasks, contests, competitions, tastings, lots of interesting experiences, and maybe someone will set their own record.You will not only taste the world-famous Czech beer and beer delicacies, but you will also actively participate in the promotion program: grind malt with a brewer, taste beer with your eyes closed, determine the types of Czech cheeses, learn how to pour beer correctly yourself, and much more;



Familiarization with recipes for cooking national dishes: "drowned", pickled cheeses, soup in bread, "pig's knee".Master class of cooking old Czech traditional dishes from a Czech chef. You will be directly involved in the preparation of Czech traditional dishes, and you can also take your prepared delicacy home as a souvenir.In addition, we offer a master class dedicated to the correct bottling of Czech beer.



 Opportunities for holding various events in one of the castles of the Czech Republic: culinary duel-the basis of this teambuilding is teamwork in the preparation, serving, presentation of various dishes; the game "Ring" - a more dynamic game than "What, where, when?". Simpler questions, but you need to answer before your competitors; blind wine or beer tasting.Team identification of tastes and flavors; detectives-an intelligent team game in which participants must conduct an investigation and draw conclusions based on the data provided about the case; aristocrats - the atmosphere of the castle makes you feel like a member of the Royal family. Tea parties, games of petanque, bridge, chess, and cricket. A decent end to the day will be a lecture on etiquette, a buffet and a blind wine tasting; a Photo race - during the program, participants will have to determine the location of tips. In between searching for clues, the team will have to perform various tasks using cameras; a game like "Fort Boyard".



  • on the historical center of Prague: you need to answer questions, take photos, find hidden beautiful places in the city.Award of the best team;
  •  search for treasures in the Old city of Prague.Awarding the best team; 
  • detective game.Teams find themselves inside the story of a mysterious murder. It is possible to communicate with the actors-characters of a detective story: ask questions, ask their point of view, etc., to solve the crime.You can spend it in a club, bar, restaurant, or rented chateau.Awarding the best team; 
  • in Zbiroh chateau-the most mysterious chateau in the Czech Republic (1 hour drive from Prague).Tour of the chateau with a guide in the image of "the widow of a knight of the Templar order", then-an interactive game in the halls of the castle.Rewarding the best teams; 
  • visit quest -rooms of Prague with different themes.
  •  costume evening tour "Mystical Prague" with elements of quest.



  • visit to the entertainment tankodrome (50 min. driving from Prague): racing on armored personnel carriers and tanks, as well as: helicopter flights, shooting, airsoft on a site that simulates the base of American troops in Vietnam; 
  • skydiving: from a height of about 4000 m, speed-about 200 km / h, falling for 6 minutes with the instructor, photos and videos are possible. The cheapest in Europe; 
  • shooting: equipped shooting range (30 min. drive from Prague), a wide range of weapons (AK47 Kalashnikov, Dragoon sniper rifle, etc.); 
  • a real nuclear bunker of the fiftieth year of the last century: the depth is 16 meters above the ground, intended for 5,000 people.



  • visit to the ancient forge with a water wheel in the village of Dobryv near Rokitsany (1 hour drive from Prague; Offer two options for excursions: Visit the forge-inspection of he Museum of Magdalena Dobromila Rettigova, the founder of the Czech culinary art, author of the famous book of recipes "Home cook".Dinner at restaurant.
  •  a trip to the open –air Museum of crafts and arts-a historical village The buildings of the village are built as in the middle ages, the employees are dressed in national costumes. You can buy and make your own hands soap, paper, candles, jewelry, dolls, gingerbread, etc., wash the gold. The craft center is adjacent to the Botanical garden. 
  • a visit to the oldest brewery in Prague (or abroad), the preparation of beer. It is possible to visit an old brewery in the Czech Republic/Prague. Beer tasting. Brewing beer under the supervision of a brewery employee.Tasting" your " beer is only possible the next day (so if the brewery is not in Prague, it is advisable to stay there for 1 night).You can offer, as an option, taking a beer bath.